You know you want them: Holiday Packages from It Works that are priced even more amazingly low than our regular Loyal Customer pricing.

As you may know, Loyal Customers  save 25-45 percent off the retail prices for all our fabulous products, such as the world-famous ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator, body wraps designed to make you look more tightened and toned. Then there’s our Greens. And our Fat Fighters. And Thermofit. And so much more.

So what if I told you could get them for even less? Low enough to give and low enough to buy for yourself!

Let me give you the skinny on our Holiday Packages, available through Dec. 21 that others aren’t telling you. Let’s take them one by one:


HERE COMES SKINNY CLAUS – One box of four It Works body wraps, the Defining Gel, Fat Fighters and Thermofit. Loyal Customer pricing is $109. Here’s what the flyer to the left isn’t telling you. THAT’s $57 less than if you were a loyal customer and bought those items separately!

HOLLY JOLLY DETOX – One box of four It Works Ultimate Body Applicators (the body wraps), a jar of Greens, It’s Vital (very premium vitamins I can’t live without) and a bottle of Regular, which helps you get, you know, regular. The Loyal Customer pricing on this total package is only $99. That’s $44 LESS than had you, as a Loyal Customer, bought them separately.

MINI SKINNY – Thermofit and Fat Fighters, two of my very favorite supplements and absolutely essential for those trying to lose weight. The Loyal Customer price on the Mini Skinny is $49. That’s $13 less than had you bought both items last month separately.

MINI DETOX – The Greens and It’s Vital vitamins, what our consulting physician at It Works calls the “dynamic duo.” They’re $49 together through Dec. 21, for a savings of $8.

If you see the savings listing on the flyer, that’s the savings of buying the It Works Holiday Packages for the retail pricing. So by becoming a Loyal Customer, it’s like you save TWICE. Once off the retail price, and then again by buying these Holiday Packages, which are only available for a short time.

To learn more about the Loyal Customer pricing, go here.

Ready to buy? Here’s the link to the page with the It Works Holiday Packages.

Want to cash in even more and sell It Works body wraps? CONTACT ME.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

mua! penny


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