I want to continue a theme I was writing Sunday about wanting to get the best prices on the It Works body wraps and all of the It Works products.

As I wrote, at It Works, our customers feel like customers. This is a very important distinction, and one you may not be familiar with if you don’t shop from a lot of direct sales companies.

With many companies, in order for you to get a discount, you have to become a distributor. Your choice is paying retail or becoming a distributor. There’s no option to buy wholesale without suddenly starting a business.

As much as I love talking to people who want to become It Works distributors and sell It Works body wraps, I know there are many more of you who just want to enjoy our products. And we at It Works want you to enjoy our products too!

Some companies will say you’re a customer, but then they do a bait and switch. This happened to me when I wanted to buy some chocolate. I double checked several times that I would just be a customer. But when I ordered my box, I got an email notifying me of what my replicated website address was and how I could access my “back office.”

I didn’t want a back office or a replicated website! I just wanted some chocolate.

I made my one and only purchase and promptly cancelled.

The same is true with a cosmetics company I’ve bought from over the last 15 years. I’ve actually paid full price EVERY TIME, despite being totally loyal, because I didn’t want to become a distributor.

None of this is the case at It Works. Maybe you’ve tried the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator at a wrap party for $25 and you want to get them for cheaper. Our Loyal Customers pay $15 a wrap when they buy a box of four It Works Ultimate Body Applicators for $59 – less than what you paid to sample the product.

That’s it. You use the It Works products, You enjoy the It Works products. The ItWorks loyal customer program rewards you for your loyalty in many, many ways. Read about that here.

Ready to shop? Go HERE. When you first put items in your basket, they will appear as retail pricing. When you go to check out, you have the option to become a Loyal Customer (on the left in green lettering).

Enjoy! And if you’re interesting in making money, because these things sell themselves, you can enroll by going HERE or CONTACT ME.

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