If you want to buy It Works body wraps at our very best pricing, you do NOT have to become an It Works distributor.

This is not the same with every company.

Before and after one It Works Body Wrap and this girl is looking sexy!

There’s a reason why the ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator is called “that crazy wrap thing.” They’re amazing! They can give you the appearance of being tightened and toned in as little as 45 minutes. They continue to work, even when you take them off, for three days. And results last two-six months.

No wonder everyone wants to get their hands on it.

But how do you get our very best pricing, the It Works body wraps at wholes? Is there some secret? Do you have to become an It Works distributor? NO.

At It Works, our customers feel like customers, and can get our very best pricing. There are two kinds of customers: Retail and Loyal. Retail customers try our It Works products at retail pricing with no obligation. For a box of four body wraps, that’s $25 when you pay $99 retail for a box of It Works Ultimate Body Applicators.

LOYAL customers get up to 45 percent off our various products … without signing up to be a distributor. Click HERE to learn how to become an It Works Loyal Customer.

There’s only one reason to become an It Works distributor – to make money. We even have a $10,000 bonus on the line for those who sign up before July  19.

If you want to sign up to be an It Works distributor, go HERE.   Have questions? CONTACT ME.  You want to enjoy our products without feeling like you have to hustle friends to make your purchase worthwhile? Go HERE to start shopping.

With It Works, our customers feel like customers, and our distributors feel like distributors.

The way it should be!

mua! penny


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