UPDATE: The $99 start-up deal has been extended indefinitely!

With some home-based businesses, you’ll spend more time hearing about their business opportunity than their products. It always made me wonder how strong the underlying products were. The sales reps drew their circles and talked about network marketing and residual income. And while the economics made sense, I didn’t want to get stuck with cabinets filled with products I could never use.

The It Works! experience has been very different for me. First off, the product is unique. The Ultimate Body Applicator is FIRST to market and ONLY to market. I’m not competing with five other multilevel marketing companies and thousands of brick-and-mortars selling the same product. The It Works! business model works better because It Works! owns the market 100 percent. There are no competitors.

Join me in growing your It Works! business

Secondly, the body wraps themselves actually work. Who doesn’t want to feel tighter and more toned in mere minutes?

Thirdly, people pay US to sample our product. I don’t have to spend thousands on samples I give away. I can make money right away selling individual wraps to sample.

Finally, our products are high quality, all natural and best of all AFFORDABLE. The second time I wrapped, I put the Ultimate Body Applicator on my arms and they looked toned and tightened considerably. I looked at my husband and said, “I’m in.” It’s a no-brainer. The products are great, unique, affordable and they work. Because of that, it’s easy to grow a thriving, prosperous business.

I once had someone say, “You seem too smart to be in this business.” Thanks! But I’m in this business BECAUSE I’m smart. Join me!

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