I get a lot of people contacting me, wanting to sell It Works body wraps, but they’re concerned about how many distributors may be in their area.

Let me be the first to tell you: It does not matter!

Right now, It Works Global is in the sweet spot of momentum. Last year, we did just under $50 million in sales. This year, we’re on target to be around $200 million. That’s some incredible growth!

But we’re hardly a household name just yet. We sell a unique product, the Ultimate Body Applicator, which does something no other product does at our price point without a trip to the doctor. Who doesn’t want to appear more tightened and toned in an hour? With results that can last three to six months?

This is a picture of a distributor I personally sponsored and is used with permission.

EVERYBODY wants this!

But not everybody knows us. If I said “pink cosmetics company” or “plastic storage wear” or “candles,” you could probably think of some well known direct-sales companies off the top of your head. Right?

Now you came to A Penny For Your Wraps because you’ve recently heard about the ItWorks body wraps. But ask around. Ask your friends, your family, the person at the desk next to you, “Have you heard of this crazy wrap thing?”

They’ll probably look at you really strange!

My point is, there’s enough untapped potential with this business to go around. PLENTY. TOO MUCH. We plan to be a $400 million company by the end of 2013. How much of that will be yours?

If you want to become an It Works distributor, there has never been a better time. We’ve been around 11 years, but our time is NOW. We’re tested. We’re accepted. The naysayers are gone. Just look at the results in the photo. We’re a debt-free company that’s made Inc. Magazine’s top 500/5000 list two years in a row for the fastest-growing companies.

The time to get in a company in this industry is not when it’s first launching (if I hear “ground-floor opportunity” one more time, I think I’ll hurl!). No, it’s when it’s been validated as selling a great product and riding a wave of acceptance and excitement.

That’s where we are.

And one more word about becoming an ItWorks distributor. You need great support from your team above you. If you’re in an area with 10 deadbeat distributors, it’s just as if you’re in an area with no distributors. Don’t let the number of distributors in your area get you down. Decide to be the leader in your area and you will be.

Own it! There are PLENTY of pieces of It Works body wraps pie. How much of it will be yours?

To learn more about becoming  an It Works distributor, read my FAQ  and how to make $1,000 your first month and CONTACT me!

Get your sexy back and get PAID to help others get their sexy back!

mua! penny


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