Following up on my last post, a Frequently Asked Question list for using the It Works body wraps, I’m now writing a FAQ for those who want to sell It Works themselves.

1)  How much does it cost to become an It Works distributor?

The price is “indefinitely” set at $99. Close readers may have caught my article last month that the $99 promotional sign-up fee was going to go up Sept. 1.  And then it didn’t. That happens sometimes, and we never know when It Works corporate is going to extend an offer until after the deadline has passed.

2) What comes in the ItWorks starter kit for $99?

You’ll get a folder to organize your business papers, a few marketing tools and most important, a box of the It Works Ultimate Body Applicators, which you can turn around and sell for $25 apiece. With four It Works wraps per box, you’ll recoup your investment FAST.

This is a picture of a sideleg distributor and fellow teammate and used with permission.

BTW, if they do raise the price back to $199 , they’re likely to include TWO boxes of ItWorks wraps. Again, you’ll make up what you put into your business right away.

3) Is one box of It Works Ultimate Body Applicators enough to launch a business?

This one is a resounding NO! No way! Not even close! Because everyone wants to get their hands on it. You’ll need eight-12 wraps just to throw your first launch party. And when you don’t buy enough, you end up having to order more and pay much more for shipping, again and again. Take my advice: Buy as many wraps as you can afford.

4) Are there are packages that give It Works distributors a discount?

When you, as an It Works distributor, buy individual boxes, you pay the same amount as a Loyal Customer, $59 a box. That’s why there’s no reason to become an ItWorks distributor … unless you want to make some money!

But yes, we do have two packages that add up to savings for you. The first is the BOOSTER kit. When a new It Works distributor buys the booster kit, I know she has everything to launch her business right. The booster kit comes with eight boxes of It Works body wraps, three boxes of our It Works Facial Applicators, a jar of Advanced Formula Fat Fighters and our Defining Gel and Greens, which we use to show people our line of fabulous weight-loss packages.

The booster kit costs $499, but delivers $1100 back to you, for a $601 profit.

There’s one other package, called the spa package, which gets your per-wrap price down to $12.50 (from the regular price of $15 per). It’s a box of 100 wraps is mostly designed for salons and spas that carry our products. But I’ve ordered it.

Twice. That’s a healthy business!

5) What do I have to pay monthly to maintain my business?

To ensure you are eligible for your commissions and first-month bonuses, I HIGHLY encourage you to get on the $80 autoship. Most people buy two boxes of wraps, to keep their It Works business stocked. There’s also a $20 fee for access to a replicated website and detailed information about your business. It’s indispensible. For example, many of my customers link through to my site from my blog. If I didn’t have that, I would have lost a TON of business.

So bottom line, to keep your business going optimally, you’ll put in at least $100 a month into it. Are there ways to avoid this? Yes, but they also handicap your ability to make money. Which leads me to the next question …

6) How much money can I make selling It Works body wraps?

I teach people how to have a $1,000 first month. It’s not a guarantee.  You have to do as I say (not to sound like a control freak, but still!), and I have no idea how coachable you want to be. But if you follow our Steps to Success, I know you can do it. I’ve done it. I’ve helped many others to do it. You can do it, too!

But that’s just the first month. Really, because our company is hitting the sweet spot of critical mass, I don’t have an upper limit to offer you. We sold $49.5 million last year; we’re on target for $200 million this year, and a half billion by 2013’s end. How much of that will be yours?

7) Is there a quota to selling the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator and other products?

No. You simply get paid on what you sell, and don’t get paid on what you don’t sell. I won’t call you up and harass you into producing more. If you want more, I’ll help you, especially if you ask. But if you’ve reached your goal, even if that’s just a couple extra hundred dollars a month for shoe shopping, I’m thrilled for you. May we all reach our goals!

8 ) Is there a penalty if you stop working the business?

No! You stop your autoship and you go quietly into the night. You’re likely, however, leaving commission money on the table. But that certainly is your choice. I get this question a lot, and it bothers me. It must mean that other companies out there are penalizing its distributors for bowing out. We, at It Works, do NOT do that.

But another thing bothers me about that question. It worries me that some people plan to fail. PLAN TO SUCCEED! I really believe anyone can achieve success with It Works (although it does go back to following our plans in how to do it). Which leads me to yet another question …

9) Do I have to have experience in sales?

Nope! I don’t. I never sold a thing in my life. I couldn’t sell heaters to Eskimos! But I’m a Diamond with It Works. Our product, the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, sells itself. It gives the world something it truly wants, and we’re a first-to-market, only-to-market product. Our other products are of amazingly high quality for an incredible value. So even as we’ve been in an economic funk for years now as a country, our company is debt-free and doubling sales year-over year. You can do this!

10) How much can I make?

You choose! Check out this chart.  And that doesn’t even include the G.O.O.D. bonus, for which new distributors are eligible if they sign up by Dec. 31.

If that doesn’t answer all your questions, CONTACT me!  If you’re ready to sign up, go HERE.

Let’s make beautiful money together!

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