A lot of people come searching for the It Works body wraps as part of a greater goal of losing weight. So they ask me, what are the other products you have that will help.

They know the ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator will make them appear tightened and toned FAST, within the hour. But what if they have bigger goals? What to do?

Here’s what to do, but it’s only for the people who are ALL IN. It’s the Cadillac of It Works product packages. No, it’s the HUMMER of packages.


I’m talking about the ULTIMATE Pack.  Here’s what you get:

A box of four It Works boy wraps, AKA the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator. Because everyone needs to kick start a healthy regime. Why wait months to see results when you can have them within the first hour?

It Works Defining Gel. The gel has the same formula that’s on the wraps, but it’s diluted enough so that you’re able to use it twice a day. It can help lengthen the time between wrappings once you’ve achieved your wrap goals.

It Works Thermofit.  One of my very favorite products, Thermofit helps speed your metabolism so you can burn nearly 300 calories extra. Doing nothing! How great is that? It’s made with hot peppers, acai and raspberry ketones. AWESOME!

It Works Greens. Our Greens drinks will give you extra energy, supply you with the benefit of consuming eight organic fruits and vegetables a day and all for 10 calories! Best of all, it doesn’t taste like mowed grass. With all the extra energy it gives you, you’ll never feel like you’re consuming fewer calories.

It Works ProFit.This is the It Works new protein shake, and it’s the bomb! It has whey protein to feed your muscles fast after a workout. It has some soy protein to feed your body slow, so you’ll stay full longer. It has tons of fiber, which you need, and which also keeps you full longer. It has no added sugar (it’s sweetened with the zero-calorie herb stevia but without any aftertaste). And it tastes great.

The Ultimate Pack can make a dramatic change. Amazing before and after photos.

It Works It’s Vital. These our super high-quality vitamins. Why would that be important while you’re trying to lose weight? Because they help you curb cravings. Our vitamins are 100 percent bioavailable, which means you consume all the nutrients. No waste at all. I could go on and on about them. Another blog then.

It Works It’s Essentials. These are our protein bars because you gotta have a snack with you when you’re outside the home or on the go and don’t have time to cook up something healthy. They come in a chocolate-raspberry flavor, which is my very favorite flavor combination in the world. ‘Nuff said.

It Works Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitor. If you’re a regular reader of mine, you know how much I like these. They allow you to have a cheat every once in a while and not feel so darned guilty! They remove 30 percent of the fat and 70 percent of the carbohydrates from any meal you consume, comfortably (and I do mean that, there’s no warning labor on our Fat Fighters!).

Because it’s impossible to be perfect while trying to lose weight.

There you have it. The Ultimate Pack would retail, if buying these products individually, $482. They would wholesale on our Loyal Customer program, if buying these products individually, for $317.

But if you become a Loyal Customer and buy this as a package, it costs only $279. Remember, this includes a daily meal (the Profit shake) and snacks (the Essential bars). It will give you energy (the Greens), curb your cravings (the Vitals), burn some extra calories (Thermofit), allow you to have a treat once in a while without setting you back (the Fat Fighter) and help you to look tightened and toned right from the start (the ItWorks body wraps and Defining Gel).

Who’s in?

Get your sexy back. You had it once, you can get it back!

mua! penny


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