The makers of the It Works body wraps have a new product, and excuse me while I swoon, because I’m in LOVE!

Of course the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator will always be our flagship product. It’s totally revolutionary, the way it tightens and tones in only an hour, with results lasting three to six months. Amazing.

But ItWorks is always looking for, researching and developing the very best products to compliment a lifestyle that has health and vigor as its targets.

The name of this latest product is Ultimate ProFIT Advanced Superfood Nutrition, and I hate to tell you it’s a shake. That’s because No. 1, I don’t really like shakes that much (I think it has to do with having to clean the blender, but with ProFIT, I just shake it in a plastic bottle with a lid). And No.2, the ingredients aren’t really shake-like.

I started reading the ingredients to my hubby, and he shouted: “Stop!” I guess he likes only treats in his shakes.

Well, Ultimate ProFIT is a TREAT, that is if you define treat as something that’s good for you. But before I get to all the FAB ingredients, can I just say that it tastes delish! It comes in Rich Chocolate and Vanilla, and I mix it in milk, but mixing it in almond milk is super-dreamy, too.

It has no sugar added, which is a huge plus for me. I don’t eat sugar. Ultimate ProFIT has stevia, and it’s just the right amount of this all-natural, no-calorie, no-carb herb that there’s no bitter aftertaste. As someone who specializes in seeking out all natural alternative sweeteners (coconut flower is my current fave), I know what bad stevia or too much stevia can taste like.  This. Is. Not. It.

Stevia is also one of the very last ingredients. Why? Because there are lots of naturally sweet (and healthy) ingredients already in it, like  grape skin, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, prune, cherry and strawberry.

But we’re just getting started health-wise. Somehow, under the rich chocolatey taste, it manages to sneak in there broccoli, spinach, tomato, carrot and onion. I promise you, you won’t taste it, only benefit from it.

Now, here’s the part that just blows me away. There’s also lots of soluble and insoluble fiber! Do I really need to tell you that you need to add fiber to your diet? It gets its fiber from oat fiber, flaxseed, soy hull fiber and beet fiber.

And of course there’s protein. That’s why I don’t get hungry after drinking it. It’s micro-filtered whey and non-GMO soy protein.

Ultimate ProFIT is available to Loyal Customers  for the price of $69, $99 for retail customers. It’s good for 30 servings. It Works asked a few hundreds of independent distributors to go on a special program that involved the It Works body wraps, the Ultimate Profit and a few other of our products. Weight was SHED like crazy. I’ll tell you more about that next time!

Get your sexy back. You had it once, you can get it back!




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