Funny headline, eh? I DON’T want you to buy one of our world-famous body wraps if you’re buying the Ultimate Body Applicator from a shady source. And just who is a shady source? It may surprise you!

Here are some places you may find the It Works! body-slimming wraps, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them:

  • eBay
  • Swap meets
  • Websites that don’t have at the end of its URL

On a recent scan of eBay auctions, I found 25 selling the Ultimate Body Applicator, the flagship product of It Works!  There were two more selling the Defining Gel, which is the same formula as the body wraps but diluted for everyday use.

I can’t give you a report about swap meets. I haven’t been to one in years. But I don’t doubt that It Works body-toning products are out there. They work, people want them, and so other people try to sell them.

Who doesn't want smoother legs? Before and after using one It Works body wrap.

As for buying from websites that don’t come from the domain name, I have seen many, but I certainly can’t take an internet inventory! But even one is too many.

The problem with buying the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator or Defining Gel from these vendors is the same no matter what the source. The issue is quality control. It isn’t just control, it’s quality control.

The formula on our wraps and in our gel is sensitive to long-term heat exposure and can break down if not properly stored. In addition, they have a shelf life of one year. While the boxes do have a lot number, there’s no obvious expiration date. Independent distributors are careful to store and use their body wraps responsibly. The swap meet vendor, the anonymous eBay seller, the unknown website? Who knows!

When you click-through to my replicated website, you’ll see the URL is It’s an official It works! website. When you order here, you’ll get your shipments directly from the company. If you choose Priority shipping (highly recommended!), you’ll probably get them within 2-3 days. (If you choose regular shipping, it could take two weeks, so the extra dollar or two is sooo worth it.) But either way, you know for sure your wraps weren’t stored in someone’s garage, weren’t baking in the sun at a swap meet or kept in the trunk of a car. They’re fresh and ready to go.

All this maximizes your results. Even though our products are extremely affordable, they do cost some money. Make sure that money is used to buy the very best Ultimate Body Applicator or Defining Gel possible. Use, tighten, tone and enjoy!


Get your sexy back! You had it once. You can get it back.

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