If you’re thinking about becoming an It Works distributor in the UK or Ireland and selling the It Works body wraps, I have good news for you!

The UK is such fertile ground for people who want to become It Works distributors and sell our amazing Ultimate Body Applicator (AKA that crazy wrap thing!). It Works has been in existence in the United States since 2001, is time-tested and BOOMING! It Works in the UK is relatively new, which means the opportunities are crazy good!

If you’re at all familiar with the pay structure of It Works, you know that we have nine ranks, or levels of pay. At the far end of the chart (SEE HERE)  is the Ambassador Diamond, which averages $32,000 in monthly income. WOW! A Presidential Diamond averages $17,000 and a Triple Diamond averages $10,500 (all monthly income presented in U.S. Dollars).

It Works co-founder Pam Sowder in London in June with Meinir Morgan

Now here comes the surprising part … there are NO Ambassador, Presidential or Triple Diamonds in the UK as of this writing! If you’re thinking about becoming an It Works distributor in the UK, YOU could be the first in the U.K. to make that kind of money.

While you can sign up as an It Works distributor under any other ItWorks distributor in the world – we do business in the U.K, Ireland, U.S., Canada, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and France  – wouldn’t it be great to work with a local leader?

Introducing Meinir Morgan, who shares It Works’ vision for UK and is building a dynamic team. I’ve had so much fun working with Meinir from afar, I know that you will have even more fun working closely with her!

If you’re considering becoming an It works distributor in the UK or Ireland and have questions, contact Meinir directly at meinir_t@hotmail.com. She’s also really great contact if you just want to buy It Works body wraps and enjoy our products as a customer.  Ready to enroll? Go HERE.

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