Are you wondering how to become an It Works distributor and sell the It Works body wraps?

It’s time to go back to the basics.

Even skinny people wrap. This is a before and after three weeks after using the It Works body wraps.


I’ve written a lot about becoming an ItWorks distributor. I’ve told you:

OK, but how do I become an It Works distributor, you still may be asking!

It’s simple. First, you go to my replicated website, the one It Works provides for me. You can click the green, “Visit Our Online Store” button or go here.

Then click on the Opportunity tab.  The click on the Join the Family tab.

The next pages will walk you through the process.

May I give you a hint? Do NOT just get the distributor kit. It only comes with one box of wraps. If you truly want to launch an income-providing business for yourself, you need to have a lot of wraps on hand. How many? I always say, buy whatever you can afford, you’ll never regret it. And you’ll save on shipping instead of having to always put in more orders.

Have more questions? CONTACT ME.

I look forward to working with you as you become an It Works distributor and build your business!

mua! penny


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