Look at the before and after photos of what the It Works body wraps can do in one wrap session.

For several blog articles now, I’ve been telling you how to become an It Works distributor and gave you 10,000 G.O.O.D. reasons (read: $10,000). But what if just want to become an It Works customer?

It Works has two types of customers: Retail and wholesale. We call the It Works wholesale customer Loyal Customers.

Loyalty deserves rewards!

Let me explain how the ItWorks Loyal Customer program works.

Just like Costco charges for membership so you can get all of its great deals, so does It Works. But unlike Costco, we have a way for you to skip the fee!

So, if you want, you could pay $50 up front and you’d instantly be an It Works Loyal Customer for life.

Or …

You could commit to just three months of buying one product each month on an autoship. That’s one product, any product, and the product can change each month. The company sends you an email about five days ahead of time.

So let’s say today is Jan. 30 (it IS Jan. 30, LOL) and you sign up with an order of It Works Ultimate Body Applicators. Next month, your shipment will go out Feb. 28 (because there is no Feb. 30!) and you decide you want to try our fabulous It Works Fat Fighters. On March 28, you want another box of wraps.

You’re done!

You may continue your autoship (and we’ll tempt you with free shipping, a possible discount on some items and even FREE product as early as the six-month mark), but after your third month of autoship, your commitment is done.

And you are an It Works Loyal Customer for life. We’ll never ask for an annual fee. You’ll always get the best, wholesale pricing we have to offer once you finish your three-month autoship.

Now if you cancel, the company is going to charge $50, so you need to know that up front. There will be no surprises with my customers. I always give you the straight scoop!

So there you have it. One of the most reasonable offers I have ever heard. I wish Costco would do it!


Become an It Works Loyal Customer and get your sexy back. Become an It Works distributor and make a killer bonus!


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