A lot of people want to know what to expect when they decide to become an It Works distributor and sell It Works body wraps. Can they make money? How do I do it?

Shhhhh! I’ve got the secret.


She or he who wraps the most wins.

That’s it! You do NOT have to set up a blog to become successful selling It Works. You do not have to be on Facebook all the time.  To become a successful It Works distributor, you have to wrap people. Why? Because it works! But some people need to see it to believe it. We don’t call it “that crazy wrap thing” for nothing!

How to sign up to become an It Works distributor and sell It Works

In fact, I would say most people, maybe 90 percent, need to see the results of the amazing Ultimate Body Applicator with their own two eyes on their own bodies.

I have to admit to being one of them. NO WAY is this thing gonna work, I thought when my friend first told me about the ItWorks body wraps. But what the heck! It certainly wasn’t expensive.

And then it did. Work.

Cue the “hallelujah” chorus, the light bulb does on. I not only have to use this product, I have to become an It Works distributor and sell the Ultimate Body Applicator.

So if you want to become an It Works distributor, you want your customers to have that same ah-ha moment. As fun as my blog is to read, they won’t have it by just reading a blog, or scanning Facebook. You have to wrap people to win.

Wanna win? Wanna win BIG by becoming an It Works distributor? Wanna make a $10,000 bonus in your first three months?

She or he who wraps the most wins.

Now you know how to do it! The good news is, not only is it FUN to share It Works products with people, it’s really profitable, too!

Ready to enroll as an It Works distributor? Go here.

Questions? CONTACT me!


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