So maybe you’re considering selling It Works body wraps, especially with the $99 start-up special, but you’re wondering how you can make some quick money. It’s easy, because It Works, maker of the Ultimate Body Applicator, wants you to get launched and making money as quickly as possible.

In the previous blog entry, we discussed the $99 deal that’s running now through Oct. 31. Those first wraps will get you started and you’ll recoup the money, so it’s like starting a wrap business for free.

So what’s next?

I always advise people to buy as many wraps as they can afford when starting. You can NOT buy enough! ItWorks independent distributors pay the same for their boxes of Ultimate Body Applicators that loyal customers do. That is, $60 a box, or $15 per wrap. At wrap parties, you turn around and sell these for $25 a wrap for trial purposes. At the very least, I say buy two extra boxes. (But believe me, you’ll shortly be buying more and wishing you’d save the shipping expenses. I’ll say it again, BUY AS MANY AS YOU CAN.)

$750 pure profit is not hard the first month as an It Works independent distributor

But for purposes of this article, let’s say you bought two boxes. Congratulations! You just made $80 on top of the $100 that paid for your start-up kit. But let’s keep it going.

Every time you sign up two loyal customers, you earn the right to buy a box of It Works body wraps for $25. Remember, there are four wraps per box, so that’s a 75 percent profit margin. Sell these wraps, and now you’re at a net profit of $255 total.

But we’re not done.

Get two more loyal customers within your first 30 days, and you get $120 in free product. You. Must. Resist. The. Urge. To. Buy. Yourself. Something. I know it’s hard! But if you choose two more boxes of wraps, that $120 in free product becomes $200 pure profit. (And then you can do whatever you want with that $200.)

So we’re at $455 after expenses. But in getting the two more loyal customers (for a total of four loyal customers), you’ve also earned the right to get another box of Ultimate Body Applicators for $25. So that’s another $75 in profit for now a total of $530 (plus, you’ve already made back the $118 you put up for the initial boxes of wraps).

But we’re not done! The enthusiasm for these slimming body wraps is infectious. And the economy is down. You know somebody else looking for an opportunity to make some money. I just know you do. So a friend tries the wraps, loses 2-3 inches and is IN. You repeat the steps above with her. And when she gets her very first two loyal customers (remember, she’s aiming for four), you get a $100 cash bonus. CASH.

As the top producer in our organization says, “Cash is king!” You’ll get all that cash from wrapping people, and you’ll get a $100 bonus check for your friend’s first two loyal customers. We teach you to get three new distributors in your first month. That’s $100 each time they get their first two loyals.

Plus, you’ll make commissions on what your loyal customers order. I’ll conservatively estimate this at $200 (it can be a lot more if your business goes gang-busters).

So congratulations again! You’ve just made $1,030 in net profit, all off of three paid boxes of body wraps and a great attitude. And there’s so much more in an incentives as you grow your business. This is just the first month!

So who’s in? SEND ME AN EMAIL if you’re interested. Let’s help people get their sexy back!



A NOTE FROM PENNY: This article has been copied on the internet without my permission. Please note that I,, am the original author (you can probably figure that out by reading all the other blogs here with my writing style) and all ideas and guidance come from ME. While the It Works Steps to Success are available through all It Works distributors, do not start your business with someone who does business this way. Thanks! 


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