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Do It Works body wraps really work? Of course they do!

My favorite question I get as an It Works distributor from people seeking to research and buy It Works products is, “Do they really work?”

Well, it is the name of the company!

Yes, the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA body wraps, AKA that crazy wrap thing, works. The name of our company is brilliant, because it’s not just marketing, it’s reassurance. I’ve been using them for almost three years now.

The wraps are infused with a number of yummy botanicals our skin loves, leaving us looking more tightened and toned and firmed – and that’s before tackling any New Year’s resolutions.

Get a jump start on your resolutions to lose weight. Eat healthy (but when you don’t, take an It Works Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors), exercisesleep well, drink plenty of water and wrap, wrap away!

And to answer the question, I direct you to these before and after photos.


Here are the It Works holiday packages for 2013!

You’ve got 10 days from right now (written Dec. 11, 2013) to cash in on savings with holiday packages from It Works. We’re talking the world famous It Works body wraps, Fat Fighters, Greens and more.

What kind of savings? Let’s pull out the calculator. I’m going beyond the flier above to show you that these It Works holiday packages are the real deal. Taking them one by one:

Here Comes Skinny Claus

With the It Works Here Comes Skinny Claus package, you get my very favorite products! I can’t recommend this one highly enough. You get a box of ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicators (AKA the body wraps, AKA that crazy wrap thing) , the Defining Gel, the Advanced Formula Fat Fighters with Carb Inhibitors and Ultimate ThermoFit, everything you need to look more tightened and toned, block fat and carbs from those holiday meals and speed up your metabolism to burn extra calories.

You’ll see that this special package – available only through Dec. 21, costs $109 for It Works Loyal Customers, a $161 savings over the retail price. But what if you’re already an It Works Loyal Customer and could buy these products separately? How much better is this package over that pricing?

$57! WOW. Maybe you should buy this for yourself! Let’s move on.

Mini Skinny

The It Works Mini Skinny package is simply the Fat Fighters (don’t leave home without them!) and the ThermoFit. You’ll see above the Loyal Customer price is a $43 savings over retail for this package. AND, a APENNYFORYOURWRAPS’s calculation of a $13 savings over our regular Loyal Customer pricing by buying these together. But just through Dec. 21.

Holly Jolly Detox

Oh, the Greens! They’re indispensible.  A day without Greens is a day that’s draggin’ and laggin’. Get the Greens, the body wraps, our It’s Vital vitamins and Regular (you may imagine what that one does). The savings for Loyal Customers off the retail price is $114. The savings for Loyal Customer by buying this as a package instead of individually is $49. Are you feeling me yet?!

Mini Detox

This set includes the Greens and the It’s Vital vitamins, what our consulting physician calls the “dynamic duo.” If you order it now, you’ll get $29 off if you become a Loyal Customer, but the $49 price is $7 less than you’d pay buying them separately.

So are you seeing the beauty of becoming a Loyal Customer right now? Act now through Dec. 21, and this incredible pricing is yours. The fabulous It Works products? That’s up to you to decide whether you share or keep for yourself … or buy two It Works holiday packages!

Ready to shop? Go HERE. When you first put items in your basket, they will appear as retail pricing. When you go to check out, you have the option to become a Loyal Customer (on the left in green lettering).

Enjoy! And if you’re interesting in making money, because these things sell themselves, you can enroll by going HERE or CONTACT ME.

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Is there still time to make extra cash for Christmas by becoming an It Works distributor? Of course there is!

Give yourself the gift of extra cash this Christmas by becoming an It Works distributor

My most popular blog article of all times is called ,“How to Make Serious Money Quick Selling It Works Body Wraps.” It’s an oldie but a goodie from September 2011 – yes, I’ve been at this awhile because this is a great opportunity and I’m no schmoe!

So when I say you can making money quick by selling the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, how quick do I mean? The answer is, it’s up to you. You sit on your hands and your It Works body wraps, you’ll make money in trickles. You work it really hard for a two weeks, and you could have hundreds coming your way. Read the Serious Quick article or this update. We’re talking cash in your pocket and cash in your paycheck.

And the work you put in now pays off for a LONG time, not just an arbitrary deadline for some extra cash. So while selling It

Works body wraps is more of a marathon, you can definitely start your business off with a sprint. It gives you great momentum, too.

One thousand bucks by Christmas? Totally doable! Let’s do it! I’m here to help!

Ready to sign up? Go HERE. Want to set yourself up for immediate success? Consider supplying yourself well so you can sell It Works body wraps like hot cakes. Have questions? CONTACT ME.

Until next time, peeps! mua! penny


When you become an It Works distributor and sell the very much in demand It Works body wraps, you get paid in time.

Here’s what I mean.  Since I became an It Works distributor, I do this business part-time. Always have. But I make what to many people is considered full time money. So what I’m saying is that while It Works obviously pays me cash, I also get TIME because I only work part time for full time pay. 

Become an It Works distributor, give yourself the gift of time.

selling It Works body wraps, AKA the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA that crazy wrap thing, could do for you. If you only had to work part time, what would you do with your time? Would you travel? Finally get to that home improvement project you wanted to? Donate your time and talents to a charity you believe in?

What if a loved one really needed you? When you become an It Works distributor, you don’t punch the clock. You can be there. You can give the gift of time.

Now that I’ve got you dreaming, you need to know a new It Works distributor needs to put an investment of time into the business to get time on the other side. It’s a small investment for what could be a lifetime of time. When you work your It Works businesses, selling It Works body wraps, signing up new distributors and new customers, it will work for you!

Ready to sign up and become an It Works distributor? SIGN UP HERE … or … CONTACT ME with questions.

Until next time! mua! penny


Have you ever wondered what countries It Works ships its amazing products to? If you want to buy It Works body wraps, this article lets you know where we ship.

It Works ships the ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA that crazy wrap thing, to the following countries:

Just a quick note: It Works is constantly expanding. I expect the company to add on new countries very soon. So stay in touch. You know that I will update you here at my It Works blog, A Penny For Your Wraps.

Do It Works body wraps work? Check out these before and after photos.

Ready to order? Go HERE. Questions? CONTACT ME.

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If you’re considering becoming an It Works distributor, you may have heard the term “duplication,” as in,  “the money is in the duplication.”

But what does that mean?

And what does it mean if you want to become an It Works distributor?

Amazing before and after photos from It Works.

Simply stated, duplication means we have a system. All successful businesses do. Look at the fast food world. McDonald’s and Subway franchises seem the same, even though they’re owned by different people. They duplicate what is successful. “Would you like to super size that?” (LOL, if you do, you may want to follow up with some It Works Fat Fighters and an  ItWorks body wrap!)

We at It Works also have a system. It’s not at all difficult, but it does take effort. And … it works! I make far more than my corporate job.

If you’re ready to take direction, follow a plan to make money by becoming an It Works distributor, sign up here! Questions?  CONTACT ME. Don’t make mistakes as you go. Follow the proven path!

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