This is a frequently asked question list (FAQ) for the It Works body wraps, also known as the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator.

Thousands of you come to my website every month, and I can see what kind of questions you put in the search engines that led you to me. So, these really are your burning questions about the ItWorks body wraps.

1)  How long do results last?

I’ve written an entire article about it. But in short: two to six months. And it’s up to you to figure out if you come out on the short end or the long end of that continuum. Here’s a hint: Our Defining Gel helps you stretch out the time between wrap sessions.

2) How long after wrapping can I shower?

Six to eight hours is best. Try not to sweat in that time.

This is a picture of a distributor I personally sponsored and is used with permission.

3) How much water should I consume while wrapped and after using an It Works Ultimate Body Applicator?

You should aim for 24-30 ounces while you’re wrapped and at least half your body weight in ounces a day, especially for the next 72 hours after applying an It Works body wrap. Read more about water consumption here.

4) Can I use an It Works body wrap if I’m pregnant.

No. This is not advised.

5) Can I use an It Works body wrap if I’m nursing.

Probably. Take the list of ingredients to your pediatrician and have him or her give the OK. Most do, but you should always seek medical advice from medical professionals.

6) I’m taking (fill in the blank medication) or have (fill in the blank medical condition). Is it safe to wrap?

See the advice in question No. 5. Only medical professionals should give you medical advice.

7)  How many It Works body wraps do I need to use?

As many as it takes to get the desired results. Results are cumulative, meaning you can keep wrapping until you are happy with the tightening and toning results you achieve.

8 ) How often can I wrap?

Every 72 hours. As the wraps work their magic for 72 hours after the initial application, there’s no need to wrap more often than that.

9) Can I eat and drink while wearing the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator?

No and yes. I don’t advise people to eat. But drink, yes! Lots and lots of water.

10) Where do I buy the It Works body wraps?

See the green “visit our online store” button in the upper right-hand corner? Click that. You can only buy It Works body wraps from It Works distributors.

But do you know what question is asked the most of internet searchers? Maybe you do, because you’re one of the ones asking. It’s: Do It Works body wraps work? The answer to that, my friend, is in all the photos I post on this blog!

Until next time,

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