Let’s discuss some alternatives to the It Works body wraps. On one hand, you have the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, which is designed to give you the appearance of tightened, toned, firm skin. On the other, you have knives. Needles. Suction tubes. And really uncomfortable shapewear.

According to a recent USA Today article, even in today’s tight economy, people are actually opting for plastic surgery over paying their bills! Cosmetic procedures, both invasive and noninvasive, rose 5 percent in 2012, the third consecutive year of growth for that industry! And I thought we were in a recession!

Here are some additional statistics we got from It Works Global and USA Today:

  • Injectables: Botox is the No. 1 ranking non-surgical cosmetic procedure; $397 average cost per treatment
  • Lipo: The No. 2 ranking cosmetic surgical procedure; money spent on liposuction in 2011: $638 million
  • Shapewear: Popular with both men and women; Spanx alone does $1 billion in sales

The ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator is fun and affordable! I don’t think there’s anything fun about Botox, lipo or shapewear! On the other hand, wrapping is fun, especially with an It Works wrap party.

Of the three, shapewear may be the most affordable, but when you take it off, everything spills out! Where’s the fun — or value — in that?

With the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA It Works body wraps, you apply, wait a minimum of 45 minutes and see results. You’ll look more tightened and toned, and it only cost you $25 to sample, or even as little as $15 a wrap on the It Works Loyal Customer program.

So which will it be? A knife? A needle? LYCRA? Or visible results with no discomfort at all?

If you’re ready to purchase the It Works body wraps, go HERE. If you have questions, feel free to CONTACT me!

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*Botox is a registered trademark of Allergan; Spanx is a registered trademark of Spanx, Inc.; LYCRA is a registered trademark of INVISTA.


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