Happy New Year, everyone from your It Works body wraps girl!!!

It’s time to put the holiday indulging behind us and start focusing on our New Year’s resolutions. For many of you, that includes losing weight. But perhaps we should focus instead on losing inches.

Watch the interview below that Dr. Oz* gave John Tesh. In it, he explains that the key to determining whether you are healthy is not in how much you weight, but how wide your waist is.

So interesting! People always ask me if you can lose weight with the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator and other products we well, such as Thermofit, Fat Fighters and Greens. I always tell them my story, which is that the body wraps gave me a great kick start to a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s face it, denial is hard. Some of us can’t make it through a week without a cheat. I tried my first It Works Ultimate Body Applicator two days in to a new diet where I was detoxing from sugar. If you’ve ever tried it, it’s hard at first (but so empowering when you beat it).

After my first body wraps, I was incredibly tightened and toned. I felt sexy already by Day 2! What a boost! I soon after incorporated Thermofit  (helps you burn extra calories a day) and Fat Fighters  (let’s you have a cheat meal every once in a while without throwing you off).

The pounds melted off. As of two weeks ago – in the middle of the holidays, mind you – I reached the goal I publicly gave you, 20 pounds gone!

But even more exciting (especially after watching that video) is that in a month, I dropped two more inches and am finally into Dr. Oz’ s healthy zone, 31 inches at the belly-button, half of my 62 inches height.

If you’d like to kick start your New Year’s resolutions with an It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, drop me a line. The trial price is $25 ($10 off the price from the web). If you’re ready to commit to a new lifestyle yourself and want a steady stream of our products at our very best rates (wraps as low as $15 each), go to our ONLINE STORE.

Make it a fabulous 2012!




*DISCLAIMER: Dr. Oz does not endorse ANY products. Websites that claim he does are misleading you. We’re such a secret weapon, I doubt he is even aware of It Works body wraps and other products. That said, many of the things he advocates can be found in our products, such as caffeine in the ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator and raspberry ketones in the It Works Thermofit. But more about those in other blogs.


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    I am very interested in selling It Works products, as well as having a party! I would love some info on starting my own business with selling and when I may be abke to set a party :)

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