You gotta buy and try It Works Greens in berry flavor and orange.

I am so excited about the changes to the It Works Greens! It’s an amazing powder you add to juice or water to get your eight daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Don’t eat enough vegetables? Few do! Even I as a vegetarian can spend a whole day eating dairy and grains and eggs. But drinking my veggies as part of my breakfast every morning makes sure that I do and gives me incredible energy throughout the day. And let me be clear (whoa, sounded like our president just then!), the energy one gets from It Works Greens is NOTHING like the fakey, manipulative energy (and later crash) one gets with energy drinks.

The stamina and verve you will feel all comes from consuming fruits and vegetables.

It’s no wonder that the It Works Greens are our No. 2 seller, right behind the ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicator, AKA the body wraps, AKA, that crazy wrap thing.

And now, they’re even better!

It Works Greens now with berry flavor

How so? So glad you asked! Not only do they now come in two flavors (original citrus and now berry, my favorite flavor EVA), but they also have a pH-balancing blend to alklanize you even more, probiotics and are now available in a several-month supply if you like to keep a well stocked pantry.

Greens just went from “superior” to “supercharged” with a boosted pH-balancing blend, added probiotic support, a new berry flavor, and a larger size that’s perfect for sharing. Get your even better Greens today!

Even if you choose citrus (super mild tasting, put it in orange juice and you’ll never even sense you’re suddenly getting your daily servings of fruits and vegetables), you’ll get the new formula and the extra probiotics.

Both It Works Berry Greens   and Orange Greens are $55 retail, $33 on the Loyal Customer program , the best way to get our fab It Works body wraps and more at the best pricing. Click here to read more about the loyal customer program.

Want to stock up? Check out our new 90-serving size  which will save you even more money.

If you’re already a juicer, well, congratulations, because you’re AWESOME! But even you may find it hard to juice on the road. That’s why the It Works Greens to Go are perfect for you. They’re separated out into little single-serving packets you can throw in your overnight bag. Both flavors are available!

If you’re not a juicer, well, you may be of the highly shared opinion that most greens drinks look like mowed grass and TASTE like mowed grass. But the reason why the It Works Greens are our No. 2 product is because that’s not true at all for our Greens. And, there’s no added sweetener at all.

How’d we do all this and add probiotics? I think our formulators are geniuses!

To try our products, SHOP HERE.

To contact me with questions, CLICK HERE.

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