Oprah has her personal favorites. I have mine!

Besides the Ultimate Body Applicator, which has been revolutionary in my life, there are many other products It Works! sells. The It Works! philosophy is all about finding natural products that work. In order to keep costs down, the company is now starting its own organic garden to cut out the middle man and keep quality high. I love these products!


Thermofit – Thermofit boosts your metabolism. On average, you will burn nearly 300 extra calories a day. My friend has measured much more with her Body Bug, but of course, everyone is different, which is why I provide an average. Thermofit is made with a proprietary blend of hot peppers called Capsimax. In addition, it has raspberry, acai, green tea and a few other high-quality, natural ingredients. (Thankfully, it smells like the berries and not the hot peppers.)  I take it every day.   PURCHASE NOW >




Advanced Formula Fat Fighter  with Carb Inhibitors – Just like the name suggests, our Fat Fighter blocks fat and carbs you may consume in a meal, 30 percent of the fat and up to 70 percent of the carbs. See the Fat Fighter in action in a video here. Unlike other blockers on the market, It Works! Fat Fighter works in the stomach, not the colon. So there are NO unpleasant after effects. No need for a warning about “leakage” here! It’s made with a proprietary blend of prickly pear cactus leaf and other natural ingredients. While I don’t advocate taking them after every meal –I’d much rather you pursue a healthy diet – they’re wonderful when you want to indulge every once in a while. Hey, even I can’t resist chips, salsa and a cold beer!   PURCHASE NOW >



It’s Vital – Everyone needs a good, basic multi-vitamin, and this is mine. Besides having a great price point, the Vitals are “bio-available,” which means they dissolve and enter your system fast. A lot of vitamins don’t. You can put Vitals in water and they’ll be dissolved within 10 minutes. Now I haven’t seen this firsthand, but I’ve been told that guys who clean out septic tanks for a living find quite a few undigested vitamins among the sludge. Something to think about!   PURCHASE NOW >



Defining Gel – Our defining gel is a diluted version of what’s on our fantastic body wraps. It’s a wonderful gel to use in between wraps. Consider it maintenance. Once you’ve wrapped and tightened, you’ll want to “maintain” your results for sure.   PURCHASE NOW >








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