Do you want to become an It Works distributor, but there’s nobody else selling It Works body wraps in your area?

Welcome to opportunity 101!

I can’t tell you how exciting it would be to bring our products to an area that doesn’t already have It Works distributors.

But you may be thinking, “I can’t tell you how scary it would be to bring It Works body wraps to an area that doesn’t already have It Works distributors.”

I’m here to tell you to put that fear aside and aim for geographic domination!

My friend Shannon was the first in our area to sign up as an ItWorks distributor. She went from zero to hero (make that, out-of-work to diamond – diamonds make about $2,000 a month) in three months. Shannon sponsored me just after she got into the biz about a year ago, and I was able to watch this meteoric rise, and ride the wave myself.

Now I help others become the first in their areas to sell It Works body wraps.

How would you like to do that in your area?

Being the first to launch a product in an area that doesn’t have any leadership won’t be easy. It’s really only for those are up to the challenge. The meek and mild should not apply.

But you won’t really be alone. You’ll have me and my whole team guiding you. Today, we have Skype, email, text, YouTube videos and chat as well as that good, old-fashioned invention called the telephone. You’ll have plenty of questions, and I’ll have plenty of answers.

We have a system, and if you excuse the pun, IT WORKS!

I truly believe that anyone who puts her heart and soul into doing things right CAN make money. And not just any money, but FINANCIAL LEGACY money for your family.

I’m currently launching new distributors in cities that don’t have even one It Works distributor. Is your town like that? Are you ready to be the leader in your area? CONTACT ME to find out how to become an It Works distributor. Wanna try the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator first? SHOP NOW.

I look forward to working with you to help grow a mighty team in your area. And my friend Shannon? She’s now a double diamond (average $6,000 a month).




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