Watch this video to learn more about the ItWorks Facial Applicator. It’s a mask that’s actually a mask (think Jason from “Friday the 13th!”) but leaves you so much more beautiful for it.


I adore the Facial Applicator. It returns some of my youth to me!

And for those of you who are in Orange County, Calif. and want to wrap at a party Sunday, contact me for information! I sell the It Works Ultimate Body Applicators for $20 each at the parties. You’ll be tighter and more toned because of it, and if you walk out with your pants hanging looser, why you can blame me!

Or chose a facial applicator and rejuvenate your skin. The It Works Facial Applicator is also only $20 at parties.

Or even better, do both!

Contact me for info about Sunday’s party or visit my online store to have It Works body-slimming wraps delivered straight to your door.

Don’t delay. You can get your sexy back!



Men enjoy the It Works Ultimate Facial Applicator too. See the change?


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  1. […] wash up, follow up with a good moisturizer, though, because this is a very different mask than the It Works Facial Applicator,  which is what you use when you really want to hydrate and look younger. I think it even adds a […]

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