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When you decide to become an It Works distributor and make money selling It Works body wraps, there’s no more important decision than whom you want your sponsor to be.

Because I write a regular blog about the ItWorks body wraps and business opportunity, a lot of newbies doing research on the internet find me and write to me. They tell me such stories! Their sponsor – whether it was a person they personally knew or thought they knew or just someone they found on Facebook or the internet:

  • Isn’t trained
  • Can’t answer questions
  • Seems to have no connection to their upline
  • Even worse, is unreachable
  • Worse yet, makes recommendations that are against It Works rules

Selling It Works body wraps is a team journey.  My job is to answer your every question, train you and support you. If you want this, I want it, too, and we’re PARTNERS in the same goal!

If you have decided to become an It Works distributor but have not yet signed up, I greatly encourage you to consider with whom you want to business. This is not a social club (although we DO have fun, most definitely). It’s a business! Start your It Works business by making your first real – and possibly most important – business decision: With whom are you going to sign up?

(And by the way, here’s an article I wrote about what I and my team have to offer in the way of multiple layers of support to help you grow your It Works body wraps business to the fullest.)

If you’ve already become an It Works distributor but are unhappy with a rash decision you made, there’s not a lot I can do. Here are your options: Keep going upline until you find someone who can meaningfully help you.

Or, you can quit your business (not just stop your autoshipment but call up the company and officially relinquish your business). After three months, you can sign up again, under anyone you want, and grow your business right. If you do this, you can NOT take the business you previously generated with you. Your loyal customers and distributors under you the first time around will “compress” up to the next person in your upline.

It’s a radical decision for sure. But I hope it underscores just how important it is get this most important decision right the first time!

Questions? CONTACT me! Ready to enroll? Go here!

Until next time, mua! penny


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