Are you ready to make some money by becoming an It Works distributor and selling It Works body wraps?

No, I mean, are you really ready?

Here’s the secret, and I’m praying this doesn’t come across as rude:

Do what I say.

It’s as simple as that! It’s very possible to make good money selling the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator and our other great products. I do it. People all around me do it. How?

We have a system.

And it works!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to shell out thousands for super-secret training, where one leads to the next, which leads to the next, and you think, “Will I ever get to the holy grail of this business?”

I’ll tell you on Day One. In fact, I already have in a way.

I advise all my new distributors to read the blog I wrote about how to make serious money quick selling the ItWorks body wraps. What that really is a guide to your first month.

I guide you in how you can make about $1,000 the first month. Then you guide others, who teach others.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat! When everyone is having a great first month, we’re all having great second and third and fourth months (you get the picture).

Now can you make money as an It Works distributor if you want to do expos or incorporate them into your salon/spa/personal training/acupuncture/beauty/bridal business? Absolutely! And I can show you that, too. I have many distributors who are aestheticians, make-up artists, spa owners and personal trainers. Love them!

But if you’re not any of those, but still want to make money selling It Works, it’s still totally possible.





It’s as easy as that.

So ask yourself? How coachable am I? Am I ready to learn from people who have already gotten where I want to go? Do I believe success leaves clues? Am I ready to find those clues?

It you’re ready for a serious business where you can make some serious money right off the bat, CONTACT me and we’ll talk!

Get your sexy back! Get paid to help others get their sexy back, too!

mua! penny


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