If you’re considering becoming an It Works distributor, you may have heard the term “duplication,” as in,  “the money is in the duplication.”

But what does that mean?

And what does it mean if you want to become an It Works distributor?

Amazing before and after photos from It Works.

Simply stated, duplication means we have a system. All successful businesses do. Look at the fast food world. McDonald’s and Subway franchises seem the same, even though they’re owned by different people. They duplicate what is successful. “Would you like to super size that?” (LOL, if you do, you may want to follow up with some It Works Fat Fighters and an  ItWorks body wrap!)

We at It Works also have a system. It’s not at all difficult, but it does take effort. And … it works! I make far more than my corporate job.

If you’re ready to take direction, follow a plan to make money by becoming an It Works distributor, sign up here! Questions?  CONTACT ME. Don’t make mistakes as you go. Follow the proven path!

mua! penny


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