People unfamiliar with the It Works body wraps often get confused about just what they are.

First off, they’re really known as the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, because you apply it to yourself (yes, you can do it all on your own, although I’m happy to apply the first one for you!). But “Ultimate Body Applicator” always sounded a little like a tampon, so I usually revert to calling them the It Works body wraps.

That's I after using an It Works body wrap, looking much more toned and tightened!

But the term “body wraps” is a mixed blessing. On the upside, everyone has some idea of what a body wrap is. On the downside, the ItWorks body wraps are different.

Some people are only familiar with a body wrap from a cruise ship. I’ve never had one done, so I hunted some info down on the internet. It takes 3 hours! It often costs $200+! Excuse me while I choke on my morning glass of ProFit protein shake!

So according to this one website, the cruise ship employees first apply a thin layer of mud or mud-like stuff.

“ The body wrap is thin layers of bandage like materials that’s pulled tight. You then lay in the body wrap for around an hour or so blanketed in warmed up blankets for you to sweat out toxic substances and enhance the texture on the skin. The body wrap doesn’t allow for much movement at this time. After that the body wrap is taken off and the mud mixture is cleaned off.”

OK, that’s not what the It Works body wraps are. (And you’re free to move around while you have it applied and do pretty much anything as long as you don’t sweat.)

You may have had a wrap at a salon, the kind that’s easily hundreds of dollars.  They take the bandages and dip them into all sorts of solutions. Then wrap you up. I hear that you don’t drink much water.

That’s not what the It Works body wraps are either.

With both of these kinds of wraps, you do lose inches – water weight inches that return right back.

With It Works body wraps, you drink tons of water. And somehow, you still manage to appear tighter, more toned. Why? Because our wrap solution – which is already applied to the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator so NO MESS –  has yummy, botantical ingredients we love.

So the results can be long-lasting.  How long? How does 2-6 months sound?

All for $15 a wrap on the Loyal Customer program.

Take THAT cruise ship and expensive spa wraps!

To order the It Works body wraps with the Loyal Customer  price of $59 for a box of four, visit our ONLINE STORE.  Have questions? Want to become an It Works distributor and turn your area on to this revolutionary body wrap? CONTACT ME .

Get your sexy back! You had it once, you can get it back.

mua! penny


One Response to What the It Works Body Wraps Are & Are Not

  1. Monica Bird says:

    This is great! I did one of those full body wraps on a cruise ship once. I couldn’t believe I wasted 2 hours of my cruise time being wrapped up, only to not see any kinds of results. Not to mention the $300 I was out, and the lady trying to get me to buy hundreds of dollars in other products as I was wrapped and couldn’t get away :0)

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