Have you been wondering where you buy It Works body wraps? Do you have to go through an It Works distributor? Can you buy them straight from the company? What about eBay?

As always, you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

It Works Global is the company that makes the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator. I like to call them body wraps.

When a company makes a product, it has several options on how to market that product. It can spend a fortune on advertising (print, billboards, TV, the internet).  Then, when you go to the store and see thousands and thousands of products, company officials cross their fingers, say a prayer and hope you buy their product.


It can set up as a direct marketing company and depend on an army of independent distributors to get the word out. Instead of putting money into the advertising and media companies’ pockets, the money goes to the distributors in the form of a commission (just like most salespeople make commissions).

The ItWorks body wraps are sold through a network of independent distributors (I’m one!). It Works global is a direct marketing company.

So what happens if you go to the main, corporate page of It Works and buy a box of body wraps? Are you skipping the middle man? Do you get them cheaper?

That’s a big fat no for both questions. You pay the exact same price. And, if you buy from the It Works corporate site, you will be randomly assigned an It Works independent distributor.

Just like in life, there are all types of distributors, some who treat their customers like they’re the No. 1 priority (I do!) and their business professionally (like me!). And there are some who thought they knew a few people who would do well with the business, so they signed up, but they never got properly trained and don’t give it much effort.

If you get randomly assigned to that kind of person and you have questions, they probably won’t get answered. And you can’t switch distributors, so you’re kind of stuck.

As for eBay, I’ve written a whole column about the danger of buying there (and from swap meets). Don’t do it! You have no idea if the wraps have been properly stored, and storage does affect ultimate results.

So if you want to buy some wraps, either as a Loyal Customer  for the wholesale discount, or without the commitment by paying retail, I highly suggest you buy from an independent distributor you trust.

It’s the start of a beautiful relationship, and every good relationship should be based on trust (that is earned).

Get your sexy back!

Mua! penny


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