Need yet ANOTHER reason to become an It Works distributor? The It Works bonus program just might seal the deal.

Becoming an It Works distributor is a dream job!

Bonuses at It Works are real.

Applicator rewards: For every two loyal customers you sign up, you get the right to buy a box It Works Ultimate Body Applicators for $25. That’s a 75 percent pure profit when you sell the wraps individually, as discussed in Part III, or $75 in your pocket if you sell the wraps at $25 apiece. This reward is available for the life of your business.

$120 product credit: In your first 30 days, when you sign up four new ItWorks loyal customers, It Works will give you $120 in product credit. While you may be tempted to try some new products, it’s best to get two FREE boxes of It Works Ultimate Body Applicators, which you turn around and sell for $200;

$100 fast-start bonuses: As long as you have two loyal customers of your own (and you should because you want the aforementioned bonuses), you can earn $100 every time you sponsor a new distributor who gets two loyal customers in her first 30 days (they’ll be going for FOUR to get the $120 product credit, but you’ll get the $100 when they get TWO). That can really add up! I got nine of these in May alone. The best part … they’re paid out weekly!

Leadership bonuses: After you get to the rank of diamond or above with It Works, you get an EXTRA bonus on top of fast-start bonus. Let’s just take a diamond. When you as a diamond with It Works start adding new people, and they get at least two loyal customers their first 30 days, you not only get the $100 fast-start bonus, you also get an $80 leadership bonus. But this bonus is not only good for the personally sponsored distributors. Let’s say your new distributors start getting their own new distributors, and they get their first two loyals within their first 30 days. You, as the diamond, still get that $80 leadership bonus. And so on down the line. Every time, someone in your new lines planted since you became a diamond achieves the fast-start bonus, you get $80.

And it grows more as you promote. We call it the license to print money!

$600 loyal customer bonus: Let’s say you’re a loyal customer-producing machine. When you get 60 loyal customers, you get a $600 bonus on top of all that glorious commission. If your monthly sales add up to more than $3000 BV  in personally sponsored loyal customers and retail customers, you’ll continue to collect that $600 bonus monthly. Think of it as a car bonus, but you get to select the car!

Of course, you may have heard we had a $10,000 bonus on top of all this on the line. It expired for new distributors signing up after July 19. I’ll let you know if and when they bring this back.

Hopefully by now, you’re realizing selling It Works body wraps is a deal you can’t pass up. There’s just too much money to be made! To sign up to become an It Works distributor, Go HERE. Got questions? CONTACT ME.

mua! Penny

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