It Works body wraps have been sooooo GOOD to me. And GOOD stands for Get Out Of Debt!

Let me explain. In late January, It Works announced it was starting a new bonus called GOOD, or Get Out Of Debt. A $10,000 bonus! For those of us who were already selling It Works body wraps and not yet at the diamond level,  we were given until April 30 to become one. That means we’ve built up our teams to a certain level.

 And I did it! I had enough people who          wanted to become an ItWorks distributor (which isn’t very hard to find with a flagship product as fantastic as the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator) that my business grew, and I made it (just barely folks, right on April 30).

I’ll say it again, the GOOD bonus is worth $10,000! That’s $400 a month ON TOP of the regular diamond commission, which is usually around $2,000 monthly, for 25 months. Of course, who wouldn’t want to become a diamond? So why not have an extra $10,000 for your efforts?

Why am I telling you all this? Because you, too, are eligible for the GOOD bonus if you become an It Works distributor right now. If you sign up to sell It Works body wraps, you will have until Aug. 31, 2012 to reach diamond yourself and qualify for the GOOD bonus.

Can you do it? Of course! My friend Shannon did it in three months, so why can’t you? I have an absolutely incredible team that will surround you, nurture you and give you all the support you need.  I have learned a lot from my own experience, and want to guide you to success and help you avoid the detours I took. Straight to success for you, and straight to being $10,000 richer.

For me, that will go to my three teen-agers’ college fund. What would you do with an extra $10,000?

CONTACT ME for more information to learn how to become an It Works distributor.

Get your sexy back. Help others get their sexy back. Get a $10,000 bonus!




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