It Works body wraps company has christened me a diamond!

OK, that might not make any sense to those of you who aren’t familiar with multilevel marketing. Each company calls their promotions a different name, but in general “diamond” promotions means that you’ve achieved a high status. It’s no different in the company that makes the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator.

Why would you care about “status?” Promotion is just another name for compensation, i.e. how much you get paid. In other words, the higher you move up in It Works Global, the more you get paid, just like in the corporate word, except we have kind-of silly names for it.

What does all this mean? It means a lot to an It Works distributor who sells the It Works body wraps. It Works is very honest about what its distributors make. It’s all there in black and white (actually, green and white, because green is our corporate color!). See the chart I posted.

When you first become an ItWorks distributor, you don’t make a whole lot. But there’s no need to hang out at the bottom. You can start climbing the ranks RIGHT AWAY by building your team. You sign on Loyal Customers, which is EASY because it’s a product that everyone wants at a price they can afford.

And you sign on new distributors, who also want to cash in on a company that basically has cornered the market with a unique product, the It Works body wrap, that tighten and tone in less than hour. Who doesn’t want immediate results and she reaches for long-term weight-loss goals?

Well, it’s like that at It Works, too, as a distributor. You can have immediate results as a distributor, easily making $1,000 the first month. The rest is up to you. As you get customers and build a team, you move up.

Some people move up to diamond in three months. It IS possible. I took longer because I’m the tortoise, but I still win the race! I work a full-time job that I love. It just doesn’t pay what I need. I’ve got three teens who are headed to college soon. And now I’ve got a way to pay for it.

What would you do with a lucrative second (or first) income? Contact me  today to become an It Works distributor.

Get your sexy back. And help others get their sexy back. Get paid to do it!




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